Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Welcome to the Dallas Center Library

Welcome to Fall 2016 at the TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences-Dallas Center. The Dallas Center Library offers the following to help you as you begin this next important step in your academic career. 

The Dallas Center Library offers . . . 
Laptops, Chromebooks, phone chargers, and headphones--all with 4-hour checkout periods. We also offer graphing calculators that can be checked out for 8 hours.

A quiet area and reservable study rooms that seat 2-8 people.

Computers in all parts of the library (including the quiet section, the library's main section, and the lounge area which remains open until the building closes. Printing is not available after the library closes).

A printer in the library. Students, faculty, and staff can print from any library computer but not from personal laptops.

Do you carry the textbooks for my classes?
We don’t carry all textbooks for all courses, but we do carry core books for many of the disciplines. Stop by the Information Desk or search the library catalog to see if your textbook is available.  

How do I check out books?
You must have a student, faculty, or staff ID card to check out library material. 

How long can I keep a book? 
Please visit our Borrowing Materials page for information on checkout periods.

What is the checkout period for a reserve item? 
The lending time for Reserve items varies. Generally, Reserve items can be checked out for two or four hours--but some items have shorter or longer checkout periods. At the time of checkout a library staff member will tell you when your item is due. You can call 214-689-6580 before you come to the library to verify the checkout period for a particular Reserve item.

How do I reserve a study room?
Standard study rooms must be reserved online and are available to current TWU students, faculty, and staff. Users reserve study rooms by logging in with their Portal account. The presentation room must be reserved in person.

How much does it cost to print?
For students, the cost of printing is a part of student fees. You will not need to pay anything at the library to print.

Can we print in color at the library?
Color printing is not available in the library, but the Office of Student Life on the 3rd floor offers color printing at 25 cents per page.

To learn more about the Dallas Center Library, please visit the Dallas Center Library FAQ page.

~Lorena NaƱez-Bonilla

Monday, August 29, 2016

Pokemon Visits the Denton Library

You never know who you'll see at the library.

If you'll be in the Denton or Houston library this week, take part in our Pokemon Go contest--winning could be a snap away. 

Happy Fall, y'all.

~Sandy Cochran

Off to a Good Start with the Denton Library

We're off! 

Fall '16 is here, and the TWU Libraries want to help you have the best semester possible. If you're a new or returning student on the Denton campus of TWU, get a good start with the following tips from the Blagg-Huey Library.

Can I get my textbook at the library? 
The TWU Libraries do not purchase textbooks, but faculty members can place textbooks for their classes on reserve at the Circulation Desk. Locate reserve materials using the info here (or contact the Circulation Desk in person or at 940-898-3719). Faculty members can find directions here for placing materials on reserve. 

How much does it cost to print? 
There is no charge for TWU students, faculty, or staff to print from library computers.

How do I print? 
Log in to a library computer using your Pioneer Portal username and password, and print your document. Locate your username on the GoPrint kiosk (near the printers) and follow the prompts to release your print job. 

I printed my document, but can't find my username on the GoPrint kiosk. What do I do? 
First, troubleshoot: 1) Print jobs longer than 20 pages must be broken down into 20-page (or smaller) increments. 2) Only one copy of a document at a time, no matter its length, can be processed by library printers. 3) Did you log into the computer you're trying to print from? If not, log off and log back in using your Pioneer Portal username and password. For help, visit the Information Desk.

Does the library offer color printing? 
There are no color printing options for students on campus, but a list of some local businesses which offer color printing is available at the Information Desk. 

Can I scan materials at the library?
Free scanning is available on floors 1-3 with your Pioneer Portal username and password (a staff member at the Information Desk can tell you which scanners are currently available). Scanned pages should be emailed or saved to a flash drive (and printed from another machine if desired; the computers paired with library scanners are not print-enabled). For help, visit the Information Desk.

Where can I make copies? 
Copy machines are on library floors 1-3. Pay for copies with money loaded onto your TWU ID card or a blank copy card (a machine for this is located near the Information Desk). Since the library offers free scanning and printing, we recommend that route instead of copying if possible. 

Is there a fax machine at the library? 
No, but a fax service is available in the Center for Student Development on the Student Union's first floor.

How do I search for books, articles, and other library materials? 
TWUniversal Search--a one-stop search tool for finding articles and other database content, books, digital collections, journals, web pages, streaming video, course reserves and more--can be accessed from the TWU Libraries homepage. You can also search for articles using any of our 200+ databases. For help, visit the Information Desk. 

I need personalized, one-on-one research help from a librarian. How do I make an appointment?
Our Subject Librarians--research professionals who specialize in specific fields of study--are listed here along with their contact information and areas of expertise. 

What are Subject Guides?
Subject Guides are online collections of subject-specific research materials; a list is available here.

Here's wishing you a semester to be proud of. If we can help you, please let us know.

 ~Sandy Cochran

Friday, August 26, 2016

Pokemon Go at the Denton Library & Houston ARC

Need a break between attending classes, buying textbooks, and finding your way around? Stop by the (Denton) Blagg-Huey Library or the Houston ARC during the first week of Fall '16 classes for some Pokemon Go and chances to win a stuffed Pokemon.

From Monday, August 29th through Friday, September 2nd, take screenshots of Pokemon in either location and enter to win one of the (extremely cute) stuffed Pokemon we'll be giving away the following week. Details left. To add to the fun, lures will be dropped at 9 a.m., noon, and 4 p.m. every day of the contest at the Denton library, and at random times at the Houston ARC.

Have a great week, everybody--and good luck.

~Sandy Cochran

Friday, August 12, 2016

All Libraries Closed August 13-14, 2016

The TWU Libraries in Denton and Dallas will be closed this weekend, August 13-14, 2016, and will reopen on Monday, August 15, 2016.

Fall 2016 calendars detailing operating days and hours for our Denton, Dallas, and Houston locations are available on our Library Calendars page.

~Sandy Cochran

Monday, August 1, 2016

What You Need To Know About Campus Carry

The new campus carry law takes effect on Monday, August 1, 2016--and questions are to be expected. For answers to some of the questions you may have regarding campus carry at Texas Woman's University, we recommend the following.

TWU Campus Carry page 

~Sandy Cochran

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Stay Cool

Mental note--refill the ice bin before the humans get home. Photo courtesy of carminesac.com.
This stuff is AWESOME! Cooling Off by Randy Sprout. Photo courtesy of fineartamerica.com.
Heat wave? What heat wave? A man cools off in the Berounka River in the village of Dobrichovice near 
Prague as temperatures hover over 34 degrees Celsius. July 12, 2010. Photo courtesy of chinadaily.com.
Yeah, baby! Photo courtesy of auburn.edu.
Old-school cool. Life Magazine, 1953. Photo courtesy of ephemeralnewyork.wordpress.com.
Ya do what ya gotta do. Fireman Tony Reiter takes a break from the heat in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo 
courtesy of dailypics.co.cc.
Can't a bear get some privacy around here? Photo courtesy of Calgary Nature on dipity.com.
I wish summer would last FOREVER! Photo courtesy of Cooling off . . . Detroit RiverWalk by NoneOther
...{Captured In Lights}...
I am a multitasking king. Staying cool in Russia's Tus Lake. Photo courtesy of dailypics.co.cc.
I can only see to the right, but who cares? The Basset Hound and the Breeze. Photo courtesy of desktop-
Cooling off with a friend is the BEST cooling off. Photo courtesy of SunSentinal.com. 
Chillin’ at the library. Lots of cool stuff here--computers, printers and scanners; cushy chairs and floor 
space; tables and rooms where I can spread out my stuff and work--or not; plenty of books, popular maga-
zines and other reading material; DVDs; vending machines--and air conditioning! I see no reason to be 
anywhere else. Photo by Sandy Cochran.

However YOU do it . . . stay cool.

Republished from Check It Out: The TWU Libraries Blog, August 13, 2014.

~Sandy Cochran

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Good News: We're All In This Together

The bad news? The problems are real and can rear their ugly heads unnervingly close to home.

The good news? We're all in this together. 

Our thoughts and prayers are in #Dallas today--and our wishes for peace, love, health, and happiness are with everyone, everywhere, every day.

~Sandy Cochran

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tech Tuesday: Google App Launcher On The Way Out

The days of the Google Chrome app launcher are numbered. That handy multicolored icon (left) which provides a direct connection from your taskbar to a group of Google apps, including Google Drive and Google Docs, is being phased out by Google for Windows and Mac users by the end of July 2016. 

Never fear. Sean Spear, Support Specialist with the TWU Libraries' Library Systems Department, shares the following simple instructions for pinning individual Google apps to your taskbar. By taking a proactive approach and following these steps now you can avoid some frustration when the app launcher bites the dust sometime in the next few weeks.

  Open a new tab in Chrome
❷  Click the Apps button on the taskbar. Don't see it? Right click on the task bar, then use the dropdown menu and choose Show apps shortcut

❸  Right click on the icon for an app you want to pin to your taskbar; use the dropdown menu and choose Create shortcuts
❹  In the box that pops up check Pin to Taskbar. The app you chose should now appear in your taskbar.

❺  Repeat for any other apps you would like to pin to your taskbar. 
❻  Either remove the Chrome app launcher manually (right click the app launcher in the taskbar and click Unpin this program from taskbar), or simply leave it alone--it will disappear when Google gets rid of it.

~Sandy Cochran and Sean Spear   

Monday, July 4, 2016

A Safe and Happy July 4th to All

reminder that the TWU Libraries in Denton, Dallas, and Houston are closed on Monday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day. All will resume their regular summer hours on Tuesday, July 5th.

A safe and happy July 4th to all.

~Sandy Cochran