Thursday, December 1, 2005

Reference Information Bulletin--December 2005
ERIC is available from CSA Illumina

TWU Libraries' access to the ERIC database has moved from EBSCOhost to CSA Illumina. The new CSA version provides expansive search options and includes links to sources for the full text of many articles.

The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, is an essential database for educational literature. ERIC provides coverage of conferences, meetings, government documents, theses, dissertations, reports, audiovisual media, bibliographies, directories, books and monographs . The database is updated monthly and contains over 1 million records dating back to 1966.

CSA Illumina provides both a Quick Search, with a preset publication dates limit option, and an Advanced Search, with limit options for publication dates, English language, and journal articles only.

The Search Tools tab provides additional search options:

  • "Thesaurus" lets you browse for authorized subject descriptors assigned to items in the database, select the descriptors you want to use for your search, and then run a search on the terms chosen.
  • "Indexes" lets you verify and select an author's name, a particular journal title, or the correct designations for publication types and then run a search on your selection.
  • "History" retains a record of all searches undertaken since connecting to the database
  • "Combine Searches" lets you select prior searches to be run again in combination.

It is possible to save searches permanently and to set up search and journal contents alerts in a personal account. Search results can be marked, downloaded, printed, emailed, or exported. Individual items may include a link to a full text copy, a link to search the TWU Libraries online catalog, and/or a link to generate an Interlibrary Loan request for the item.

A "Logout" link in the left corner of the CSA screen is used to exit the database when searching is finished.

ERIC is linked to its new location on the "Education" Subject Guide and in both the Databases "A-Z" and "Descriptions" lists.

If you have any questions, the reference staff will be glad to provide assistance. Please email us using our Ask a Librarian Form.