Friday, February 5, 2010

TWU Dallas Campus Construction: A look at the past year

So much CHANGE in just a year! We are looking forward to next year!!

It’s hard to imagine the old, TWU-Parkland dorm building (at left) was being demolished just one year ago.
(Taken early January 2009)

And yes, we are very glad the demolition noise and dust have settled since then. (For several weeks during demolition, we had to scrape layers of concrete dust off car windows in the parking lot.)

Cleaning up the rubble of
the OLD 7-story dorm building.

(late Jan. 2009)

This was the new Ground Zero in March 2009!

The elevator shafts went in first – before each new floor was constructed.

A bank of six elevators (plus three stairwells) in the new building will help everyone get to class on time!

Construction has come a long way
since summer, 2009!

LOTS of Concrete and many other supplies on large trucks arrive nearly every half-hour!

It keeps the construction crane operators very busy!

(Taken from Southwestern Medical Avenue; buildings are facing I-35E – located one block away.)

TWU shuttle buses help everyone get to/from the remote parking lot, about 1 mile away.

Or, TWU-reserved parking offers 50 spaces on the fifth floor of UT Southwestern’s garage (in background).

ALWAYS make sure you park in a TWU-designated spot or risk a parking ticket -- from UTD-Callier, UT Southwestern, the City of Dallas, or Parkland/Children’s Hospitals!

The current Parkland campus building (in foreground) is the site of a future 600-space, two-level parking garage. When the new parking garage is done, TWU-Presby campus will move in & join us August 2011.

Then, we will officially be the TWU Dallas Campus and T. Boone Pickens Health Science Institute!

We already have a new street address: 5500 Southwestern Medical Ave, Dallas, TX 75235

Finishing off the top (8th) floor and roof of the new building.
(Taken Dec. 9, 2009)

We heard that the Fitness Center will be on the eighth floor. If you take the stairs, maybe you won’t have to spend as much time on the gym equipment?

The white metallic exterior is starting to take shape. Many of the interior walls are being framed out on all floors.

The new TWU-Dallas Health Sciences Library will share the sixth floor with the IT computer labs and training rooms. Yippee! Tech support next door!

The Parkland campus moves into this building in December 2010.

(Taken before sunset, Feb. 2, 2010)

--Janet Bickel-Burton (Note: All photos taken by Janet Bickel-Burton
with cell phone camera)

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