Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Holiday Spirit, Pioneer Style

The former TWU faculty member, although retired, can still be seen on the Denton campus from time to time. She no longer teaches or has a schedule to keep, but she keeps coming back--in part because of the way she's treated, by people she doesn't even know. Those she encounters hold doors for her, ask to carry her books, smile and offer a helping hand. With every visit to campus there's another act of goodwill. She can't help but be proud to be a Pioneer.

This is a true anecdote, learned in a chance meeting in the library. It reminded me that TWU is a special place with a special feel, during the holidays and year-round. There are larger universities in size, but it's hard to imagine one with a bigger heart. All year long the evidence is in plain sight--the helpfulness, the kindness, the acts above and beyond. Pioneers, in a word, care.

That's the holiday spirit, Pioneer style.

Happy holidays, everyone.

By: Sandy Cochran

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