Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Database Update:


Update: 3D Real-Time Body module has been added.

Features include:

--Intuitive user-driven functionality allowing you to view clear, detailed and accurate 3D real-time modeling of human anatomy regionally;

--You can create your own views to save as bookmarks or label, annotate and export your own bespoke images;
--4000 structures are included and labeled across all models; and
--Each 3D model can be rotated in any direction by clicking and dragging with your mouse. You can choose which structures are added, removed, hidden, x-rayed or isolated--enabling you to view your chosen view or structure from any angle. Each visible structure can be marked with a pin, labeled and annotated.

Reach via the
TWU Libraries homepage under Research/Databases A-Z List/A. Once logged into, click on the 3D Real-Time Body link (located under the Help link).

Questions: For questions regarding this or any other database, please contact the Reference Department at A librarian will be happy to assist you.

--Sandy Cochran

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