Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chalk One Up for the Library Mobile App

Blagg-Huey Library staff members (L-R) Kat Bell, Sarah Williamson, Rebekah Betancourt
and Elaine Cox chalking it up for the TWU Library mobile app (libmobile.twu.edu) in front of
Pioneer Hall on the Denton campus of TWU.

Librarians Escape! Not really, but Blagg-Huey Library staff members did get out of the library on Wednesday, May 2nd. If you saw some of the library staff out around the Denton campus drawing on the ground, we haven’t gone crazy (yet!)--we were out promoting the TWU Libraries mobile page (libmobile.twu.edu).

This time of the semester can be hectic for a lot of students, so we just wanted to remind the campus that the library is here
to help them through their finals preparation. With the TWU Libraries mobile page you can find out the library hours for the day, reserve a study room, text a librarian and more.

The TWU Libraries mobile app is a great way of getting that little extra information that you need to make your project excellent.

--Johnathan Wilson

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