Thursday, May 17, 2012

Objects of Our Affection: What's Your Word Crush?

Crushes are personal. They're emotional and unique to the individual, as well as idiosyncratic--one person's crush may very well leave another cold. Crushes make us smile and yearn to be near the object of our affection. An encounter with a crush--however fleeting--makes a day that much better.

Just as there are many reasons people develop crushes on others, there are many of us with at least one word crush--an affinity for a particular word--because of its meaning; the way it rolls or trips off the tongue; a mental image the word elicits; an association it provides; a memory it evokes; an emotion it brings forth--or all or none of these reasons. We like to use our word crushes in print (which, I'll confess, explains the use of the superfluous idiosyncratic in the first paragraph); we like to say them aloud; we like to read them; we like to hear them spoken. An encounter with a word crush--however fleeting--can make one's experience with a sentence or paragraph, page or post that much better.

As a sequel to Words We Love to Hate and inspired by
People Who Love Words Hate Words by Lucy Ferriss, staff members of the Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus of TWU set out to discover their patrons' word crushes. Visitors to the library were asked to reveal the words they adore, appreciate, care for or hold dear--for whatever reason. The graphic above reveals the results.

Whether you're smitten with smitten; believe in believe; see the beauty in beauty; or just have it bad for hope--here's hoping you have a word crush or two of your own.

--Elaine Cox

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