Friday, May 18, 2012

Red Velvet Research

Just in Time for Summer: Blue Bell Delivers a Surprise with Red Velvet Cake

Never let it be said that TWU Libraries staff members don't know how to conduct cutting-edge research.

Under the category of "it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it", your TWU Libraries Blue Bell Busters (B3) team has been on the front lines of flavor this summer--doing the research, for your benefit.

B3 recently taste-tested Blue Bell’s latest summer flavor, Red Velvet Cake. This ice cream features a combination of cream cheese and bits of red velvet cake, swirled in a creamy vanilla base.

Biting into the actual cake took some of the
team by surprise. UW exclaimed, “Hey, I love the surprise texture!", while M quietly added, “Delicious! The bits of cake in the ice cream were a really nice surprise." LH and RLT got feisty as one claimed “Tastes good--not like red velvet, but good” and the other retorted, “It’s very yummy and tastes just like red velvet cake.” The research ended on a strong note as AH exclaimed she loved the flavor and had added it to her list of favorites, and RB joyously commented, “Excellent! This is the long-lost Blue Bell flavor!”

Stay tuned. The team will be doing more selfless research in the near future and will be sharing our findings right here.

You're welcome.


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