Monday, July 30, 2012

Staging a Mega-Event: An Olympic-Sized Endeavor

Mega-events such as the Olympics require years of extensive effort behind the scenes. The following ten Olympics-related articles, currently available through Emerald as part of its Research in the News feature, take a broad scholarly look at some of the key issues surrounding the hosting and running of the Olympic Games and other massive-scale events. Topics covered include logistics, volunteerism, the impact on host countries, advertising and tourism.

China and the Olympics: Views of Insiders and Outsiders examines the views of residents and foreigners of the host country before and after the mega-event within the context of marketing theory on country image effects and psychology theories attribution.

Islam and the Olympics: Seeking a Host City in the Muslim World
Awarding the Olympic Games to a host city in the Muslim world would send a clear indication
from member nations of the International Olympic Committee of a desire by the international community to engage with Muslim nations on a level that transcends sport.

The Hidden Workforce: Volunteers' Learning in the Olympics
gh the motives behind volunteering have been studied extensively, most research has focused on volunteers in social services. In this article the author examines the demographic make-up of volunteers and their motives behind participating in a mega-event.

The Influence of the Olympic Games on Beijing Consumers' Perceptions of Their City Tourism Development explores the perceptions of the residents of Beijing of the improvement of the tourist infrastructure after the Olympic Games. The study identifies factors affecting the inhabitants' perceptions about the tourist impact of the Olympic Games, and the development of special tourist types.

The Design of Logistics Operations for the Olympic Games
aims to focus on the design of the organization, processes and systems of Olympic logistics.

Sponsoring the Beijing Olympic Games: Patterns of Sponsor Advertising
In this article the authors identify and describe the key driving forces in international sponsorship during the years preceding the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Economic & Tourism Aspects of the Olympic Games
In this article the development of the Olympic Games--the biggest mega sporting event ever--will be described as an interesting case of the sport-tourism relationship.

The Impact of the Athens Olympic Games on the Athens Stock Exchange examines the relationship between the Athens Olympic Games and the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE).

China's Olympic Destination: Tourist Evaluations of China and the Games aims to report on the views that tourists in China have about the country, its people, the country as a destination and the 2008 Olympic Games that were held there.

Sports Advertising in Print Media: The Case of the 2000 Olympic Games attempts to investigate why sport themes are used in advertisements, and the motives that lead companies and advertisers to use sport celebrities and sport concepts in advertisements.

~Suzanne Sweeney

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