Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Are the Pros and Cons?

We've all done it. There's a tough decision to make, and the deadline for making it looms. How to make up your mind? Make a list of the pros and cons.

Is this process valuable where substantive, controversial issues are concerned? When the subject's very nature invites contentious debate, with strong emotions on both sides--the death penalty, illegal immigration,
healthcare reform, abortion or euthanasia, for example--can a person get bias-free facts on both sides from one source?

These questions are at the heart of, a website with the mission of "promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, primarily pro-con format." Mission statement of

Founded in 2004, is a useful source for facts on both sides of a wide variety of issues--from standardized tests and insider trading by Congress, to video games and violence and medical marijuana, to voter registration on Facebook and milk (yes, milk)--and much, much more.

Deciding what you think? That's up to you.

~Connie Maxwell

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