Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is That Really a Government Tweet, Post or Video?

Contained in a recent update from, a simple way to verify the validity of U.S. government social media accounts:
Every day, the government uses social media services like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to communicate with you and provide easy access to government benefits and services.

But unlike most government websites, which are hosted on a .mil or a .gov dom
ain, social media sites are hosted on commercial domains. Without the .gov or the .mil, it can be difficult to determine which social media accounts are official government sources of information--and which are impersonators.

To help solve that problem, we recently launched a social media registry (in English and Spanish) where you can confirm the validity of a variety of government social media accounts.

~Elaine Cox

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Alex Quinn 82 said...

I was told that some social media companies evaluate these high profile accounts and use a check mark symbol next to the username to identify it as an authentic account. Next time you are on there, check to see if it has a check mark.

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