Monday, October 1, 2012

Five and Twenty-Two: How Sweet is That?

Five minutes.  22 questions.

Whether you're affiliated with the Denton, Dallas or Houston campus, that's all it takes to have your say about a vital component of Texas Woman's University--TWU Libraries.

Are you happy with the service you receive from the TWU library you frequent--whether in person, by phone or online?  Have an idea or two--or more--you'd like to express?  From the libraries homepage--or directly at minutes of your time will provide TWU Libraries with valuable information only you can share regarding the service you receive--and want--from us.

And that optional 23rd question?  Let us know how to reach you by email and you'll be entered into a drawing for a candy gift basket.

Having your say, helping out--and a chance to win candy.  How sweet is that?

~Sandy Cochran

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