Friday, October 5, 2012

September's New Titles

Welcome to all students and faculty members new to TWU this year!

TWU Libraries are here to aid you in your academic and professional endeavors. We are constantly adding new resources to our collections, and you are welcome and encouraged to make suggestions. You can make a request by filling out a book or media purchase form which will be reviewed and carefully considered for purchase by the library.

Attached is a list of 284 titles recently acquired by TWU Libraries. Subjects and formats included are extremely varied, with materials ranging from nursing DVDs to children’s books.  Please browse through the list to see if there is a recent acquisition that might help you in your studies or provide a much-needed distraction after the stress of too many hours preparing for exams.

Good luck to all students and faculty members, new and returning.  TWU Libraries wishes you the best in all your undertakings throughout this new academic year!

~Aubrey James

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