Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Into Reading: October's New Titles

Hopefully everyone has survived the first half of the semester with the energy and perseverance to finish strong.

TWU Libraries are here to support you through each of your courses. Attached are links to 76 titles in TWUniversal, all added to the libraries’ collections in October.  Included are books, e-books and DVDs which may be useful in your coursework. 

The Departments of Women's Studies and Sociology & Social Work are particularly well-represented in these new acquisitions, although titles in several other subject areas are sprinkled throughout. Numerous popular novels have been added to the Browsing Collection as well--so peruse the list if you want to make one last trip to the library before the long Thanksgiving weekend.  For those who want something to fill the time on long road trips or (cross your fingers) flight delays, stop by the library and pick out a literary treat for yourself.

Happy reading.

~Aubrey James

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