Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Like You and Me: The Many Faces of Heart Disease

L-R: Gail, 41 (Stroke and Heart Attack Survivor); Kimberly, 50 (Heart Attack Survivor); Regan, 22 (Heart Disease Survivor); Christie, 51 (Heart Attack Survivor); Amy, 42 (Heart Attack Survivor); Rachel, 29 (Heart Attack Survivor); Mary, 31 (Heart Disease Survivor); Lidia, 34 (Heart Disease Survivor); Toni, 49 (Heart Transplant Recipient); Rekisha, 34 (Heart Transplant Recipient.)  The American Heart Association's 2013 National Wear Red campaign.
If you think you're too young for heart disease--you're wrong. If you think those of your gender or race don't get heart disease--you're wrong. If you think heart disease is something that happens to other people--that you feel fine, that heart disease could never happen to someone like you--you are oh, so very wrong.

While heart disease concerns everyone, it particularly concerns American women--all types of American women. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in this country--women just like you and me.

3 Things to Know About Heart Disease: 

ONE:  Heart disease strikes more women than men, and is more deadly than all forms of cancer COMBINED;
TWO:  With the right information, education and care, heart disease in women can be treated, prevented--even ended; and
THREE:  The signs of a heart attack in women may differ from those commonly found in men, and therefore can be easily mistaken for other ailments.
Friday, February 1st, 2013 is the 10th Annual Wear Red Day sponsored by the American Heart Association (AHA.) On Tuesday, February 5th, 2013, Texas Woman's University will join the AHA’s fight against heart disease with a lunch screening of Just a Little Heart Attack (accompanied by a panel discussion and a Wear Red Day campus photo immediately following.) Everyone is encouraged to participate by wearing red to campus on Tuesday, February 5th to help the AHA raise women’s awareness of cardiovascular disease and empower women to reduce their risk.TWU Go Red for Women activities (All February 5th unless otherwise noted):
  • Lunch Screening and Panel Discussion:  Bring your lunch (free lunch for the first 50 attendees); 12p to 1p at the Fitness and Recreation Center, Studio One
  • Paint T-Dub Red Denton campus group photo: Approximately 1p in the Fitness and Recreation Center Gym
  • Paint T-Dub Red Dallas campus group photo: Time and Location to be announced
  • Paint T-Dub Red Houston campus group photo: Time and Location to be announced
  • Love My Heart cardio challenge: Month of February at the Fitness and Recreation Center
For more information on heart disease and its prevention and treatment, see goredforwomen.org and mylifecheck.heart.org.

~Sandy Cochran and Stephany Compton

Friday, January 25, 2013

Answering the Call of Duty, Then and Now

Female soldiers from 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne division, train
on a firing range in Fort Campbell, Ky., in preparation for their deployment to
Afghanistan.  Mark Humphrey/AP.

The Pentagon's announcement 
that it will lift the ban on women in combat--in addition to raising questions for many--also calls to mind the rich and proud history of women in the U.S. armed forces.

The Woman's Collection of Texas Woman's University--a preeminent research center for women's history housed in the Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus--has within its rich collection of resources on American women a broad range of materials on the history of women who have, in various capacities, proudly and bravely served our country.

WACs exiting a train, ca. 1942.  From the Digital Collection 
War Time and the Military of the Woman's Collection of
Texas Woman's University.  Denton, Texas.
From the nationally recognized wealth of resources on Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), the first women in history to fly for the U.S. military (including a WASP tour of the library, a WASP Virtual Collection and an impressive WASP Digital Collection); to the Whirly Girl Collection (a growing research collection based on the records of the Whirly-Girls International and the personal papers of individual women helicopter pilots); to the Digital Collections on Women Military Aviatorsthe Mercury 13War Time and the Military and much, much more, the TWU Woman's Collection reminds us in vivid detail how far women in this country have come--and how very much we have to be proud of.

The Woman's Collection, housed on the library's second floor, is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. when the library is open.  They welcome your inquiries at womansc@twu.edu or 940-898-3751.

~Sandy Cochran

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let Us Show You the Way: Subject Guides Tailored to Your Research

A portion of the TWU Libraries' Physical Therapy Subject Guide.  The TWU Libraries feature 35 Subject Guides on their website (plus one on Writing & Citing), each focused on research in a particular discipline.  The Subject Guides are accessible via the TWU Libraries homepage under Research/Subject Guides.
If you're new to TWU--and even if you aren't--you may be unfamiliar with one of the handiest research tools available to you through TWU Libraries--Subject Guides

The scope of information available to TWU students and faculty and staff members is vast.  With such a wide range of print and electronic resources at your disposal, where do you start doing research for a paper or other project?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could consult an online collection of resources focused on the subject matter at hand?  With Subject Guides--useful collections of information tailored to research in specific disciplines--you can.

TWU Libraries' Subject Guides consist of webpages designed by information professionals, custom-built for research in specific disciplines and accessible as a group via the TWU Libraries homepage (the homepage can also be reached in Blackboard by clicking on the Library tab.Although by their very nature unique, Subject Guides have similar formats and content for ease of use when switching from one to another (the one exception is the Writing & Citing Subject Guide with its collection of writing-related tools and information.)  They feature suggested databases for researching journals and journal articles; suggested print and electronic books; internet links; news; and additional resources--all geared toward the subject at hand.  Also included?  The name, photo and contact information of a Subject Librarian experienced with research in that subject area--plus any additional resources the Subject Librarian considers useful for research in that discipline (faculty members and instructors are more than welcome to suggest additions to these pages by contacting the discipline's Subject Librarian.)

If you or your students would like help focusing time and attention on research resources in a particular discipline, turn to a TWU Libraries Subject Guide--and let us show you the way.

~Sandy Cochran

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Don't Miss a Thing: Your Libraries. Your Way.

Of all the TWU Libraries'--your libraries'--commitments, one of the most unwavering is our dedication to continuous improvement. Whether it's concerning our collections, services, workshops, research tools, physical spaces, online presence, special events or more, we are always looking for ways to better serve you, our patrons.

Any given day sees a wide range of activity going on under our roofs. There's a lot to keep up with--and a lot you don't want to miss.  To give library users a choice of ways to keep in touch, the libraries' Social Media Team is on its own mission of continuous improvement.  From the blog you're reading to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and, most recently, Pinterest and Flickr--your choice of TWU Libraries social media can help you keep up with the latest and greatest from your libraries at TWU.

Recent examples?  Exciting developments with our online research tutorials.  new cloud-based library system.  Apps you can use to further your wellness goals. Fall 2012 Coffee Break photos.  New e-books.  The latest on our YouTube channel.  Study room photos, for your convenience, on Flickr.  
The libraries as part of the larger university community.  And that's just the beginning.

Another don't-miss?  TWU Libraries Mobile.  Text us, reserve a study room, search for an e-book, call us, check our Facebook, renew that book you still need, get directions to our libraries and more--all from wherever you and your smartphone happen to be.

There's a lot going on at the TWU Libraries--and a lot we can do for you.  Keep in touch with us however you prefer--but keep in touch.  You don't want to miss a thing.

~Sandy Cochran

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Collaboration and Community: Our Favorite Two-Point Play

As busy as every TWU Libraries staff member is working for the benefit of the TWU community, we particularly enjoy opportunities that afford us not only collaboration with our peers but also a reminder that each one of us is part of a larger community—the Texas Woman’s University community. 

Several TWU Libraries staff members (Roxsand Beckles, Sandy Cochran, Jimmie Lyn Harris, Ryan Hay, Erik Martin, Nadia Nealy, Sean Spear, Johnathan Wilson and Kristin Wolski) designed, built and submitted an entry on behalf of the libraries for the recent Pack the House II Build Your Own Snowman Contest sponsored by the Departments of University Housing and Athletics. Contestants competed in one of two categories--student group and university department--as part of Pack the House II, an initiative to encourage attendance at Pioneers basketball games.

The winners in both categories were announced at the Pioneers basketball game on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.  The first-place winner in the student group category was the Kinesiology Club, while the TWU Libraries took first-place honors in the university department category.  Commenting on Huey (as our favorite "snowbrarian" has affectionately come to be known), Joe Berthiaume, Director of University Housing and one of the judges of the competition, “was impressed by the creativity, thought and work (the library snowman team) displayed.”  Photo:  Huey, the TWU Libraries’ winning entry in the Pack the House II Build Your Own Snowman Contest, peers out from the basketball court in Pioneer Hall.  January 16, 2013.  Photograph by Sean Spear.

Plans are in the works for Huey to have a temporary home on the first floor of the Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus of TWU.  He--and the rest of the library staff--would love for you to visit.
Collaboration and community--the TWU Libraries' favorite two-point play.

~Sandy Cochran

Monday, January 21, 2013

Honoring MLK, Jr.: TWU Libraries Closed 1/21/13

In observance of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Denton, Dallas and Houston campuses of TWU--including the TWU Libraries in Denton and Dallas and the ARC on the Houston campus of TWU--will be closed on Monday, January 21st, 2013.

Regular TWU Libraries hours will resume on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013.

To learn more about the life and legacy of Dr. King, may we suggest The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change.

A safe and happy holiday to all.

~Sandy Cochran

Friday, January 18, 2013

At Your Fingertips: New and Improved Student Research Support

To:         TWU Faculty and Instructors

From:    Connie Maxwell, Assistant Dean of Libraries

Date:     January 17, 2013

Re:         Student Research Support offered by the TWU Libraries

Library research can be challenging for the most experienced researchers; for the novice it can be overwhelming.

Think what it could mean if your students came to class already equipped with basic research skills. 
Instead of stumbling through the research process, hoping for the best, they could:  1) focus on the substance of the assignments you give them; 2) critically explore relevant subject matter; and 3) feel confident they possess the research skills necessary to successfully meet the course objectives you’ve chosen.

To help your students get up to speed on their library research skills, you can: 

request library workshops (either in your classroom or at the library) tailored to your course’s research requirements; and/or

2)  assign
to your students one or more of the TWU Libraries’ suite of four online research tutorials.  These tutorials include the following features and together provide the viewer with a solid overview of the research process.


For your convenience
Instructions for importing research tutorial quizzes into Blackboard, and more tutorial info, available here

*IMPORTANT:  Finding Books and Journal Articles (FBJA) has been updated to include our new discovery tool TWUniversalIf you’ve used an earlier version of FBJA, please remember to import the updated version of this tutorial quiz here before assigning it to your students.  Thank you.

For your convenience
For tutorial accessibility on iPads, download the Puffin or iSwifter app.

The TWU Librarians stand ready to assist you in giving your students the foundation of research skills they need to do well in your classroom.  Please let us know what we can do for you and your students. 

From all of us with the TWU Libraries, our best wishes for a successful and rewarding semester.

~Connie Maxwell

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spring Has Sprung: What Can We Do For You?

Welcome to Spring 2013!

The staff of the TWU Libraries welcomes you to a brand new semester and invites you to become familiar with the many library resources and services available to you.

Whether you're a new or returning student, faculty member or other library user on the Denton, Dallas or Houston campus of TWU, the TWU Libraries have much to offer.  From inviting library spaces for meeting friends or studying, to a rich array of information services and resources, to library staff skilled at helping students, faculty members and other library users with their academic and other information needs, TWU Libraries live to serve.

Enjoy the welcoming surroundings of the libraries in Denton or Dallas, or of the Houston ARC.  Peruse our website. Visit us in Blackboard.  Contact us.  Whether in person or virtually, on the phone or through our social media, each member of the TWU Libraries' staff is eager to support you as you learn, teach and research.

From the TWU Libraries family, our sincerest wish for a successful and richly rewarding Spring semester.

~Sandy Cochran