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Denton Sweet Denton

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New classes, new people, new schedules--there's a lot going on for everyone on the Denton campus of TWU. If you're also new to the area, getting used to a new environment can mean even more excitement--and stress.

To help ease the transition for new Denton Pioneers, some 411 follows--to help you make Denton Sweet Denton your new Home Sweet Home.


Color printing for students is unavailable on the Denton campus--but sometimes a person just needs color. Places near campus that offer reasonably-priced color printing include: Pack 'N' Mail (624 W. University Drive, near El Matador and Kroger; 940-484-0051); FedEx (2430 S. I-35E, near Albertson's and Chili's; 940-898-1034); and Copy Pro Copy Center (1300 W. Hickory St., in the Fry Street area; 940-566-1151.) Free black and white printing is available, with a valid Pioneer Portal username and password, at the Blagg-Huey Library.

Everybody needs to get to class on time, and the DCTA's University Pass Program may be able to get you there.  See the main DCTA site for links to their bus and train transportation services, routes & schedules, fares and more.


For staying fit and active, see Denton Parks and Rec or TWU's Fitness and Recreation page. Those freshman 15 don't stand a chance.

Become a real Dentonite in no time by perusing the Denton WikiCity LifeFood and DrinkEvents--it's all there. The really fun stuff? Everything under Interesting Pages is . . . interesting.


Guard that student i.d.--with it, many freebies and discounts are available to you on the Denton campus. Everything from technology discounts and free athletic events to free golf course fees and discounted personal training is there for the asking with that sweet little card. Make "do you offer a student discount?" your mantra at TWU, and see Denton on a Dime for all sorts of other thrifty living 411.


Students can fax documents (for 54 cents per page; if paying with a card, a minimum $5 charge will apply) by going to the Center for Student Development (located on the first floor of the Student Union.)

The Browsing Collection at the Blagg-Huey Library is the place to stock up for that elusive downtime. Bestsellers, mysteries, the newest from your favorite fiction author--this is where you find them. Whatever your recreational reading likes are, the Browsing Collection is sure to have something to suit them. Just check--and check back often. New books arrive frequently.

Get off to a great start with your studies by getting to know the information hub of the campus, the Blagg-Huey Library. Attend one or more of the library's Fall 2013 Start Smart workshops--and see how much better you'll feel about all those research assignments in your future.  If you just can't make it to a workshop, contact the library with your questions or see the library FAQs.


It always helps to know the lay of the land.  Find a map of the Denton campus here.

Free notary public services are available in the Student Life Office (room 206 of the Student Union.)


The Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus of TWU is the place to be for all kinds of things, including free scanning. There are scanners on the 1st thru 3rd floors (the larger scanners are on 2 and 3.)  Log in with your Pioneer portal username and password, and simple scanning instructions will appear on the screen.  Questions?  That's what we're here for, so please ask at the Information Desk just inside the front entrance.  We can even tell you which scanners are available.


To make the most of your life as a student, you want Student Life.  Athletics, housing, i.d. services--and too much more to list--are available to help you.  A student favorite?  The school motto, song and colors.  Questions? Ask at the Student Life office (on the 2nd floor of the Student Union, or reach them at 940-898-3615.)


Sometimes the best stuff is found in the most unexpected places. The Denton, TX City Guide is a real treat, yours from the folks at Design Sponge (which, by the way--along with Apartment Therapy, Houzz and Pinterest's Home Decor--can provide you with all sorts of inspiration for that dorm room, apartment or house.)

Enjoy--and make it a fantastic year in Denton Sweet Denton.

~Sandy Cochran

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