Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Very Good Place to Start: Online Research Tutorials

The research process--a key tool in every student's academic toolbox--can seem daunting.  With so many library resources available to them, many TWU students understandably wonder where to even begin getting a handle on all that information.  A very good place to start?  The TWU Libraries' Online Research Tutorials.

These video tutorials teach, at students' convenience, the basics of library research in four sessions of just 20 or 40 minutes each.  Individually, they address particular research topics (
Understanding Information SourcesFinding Books and Journal ArticlesThe Internet for College Students; and Avoiding Plagiarism.)  As a set, they provide the viewer with a solid introduction to the research process.  Available around the clock, they offer instruction in the types of research skills students need to succeed in today's classrooms.

Questions?  Reach a dedicated library staff member at reference@twu.edu or 940-898-3702.  We are, as always, happy to assist you.

~Sandy Cochran

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