Friday, October 18, 2013

Reel Impact: 5 Don't-Miss Video Databases

While journals, articles and ebooks are certainly heavily utilized online resources, the TWU Libraries also provide access to electronic resources--such as streaming media and videos--with a little more visual impact.  Below, 5 don't-miss video databases to use to locate resources with reel impact for your paper, project or class.

VAST: Academic Video Online package from Alexander Street Press contains over 20,000 titles, many with transcripts available, covering topics in a wide array of subject areas.

Films on Demand includes thousands of streaming, high-quality educational videos.  Special features allow you to organize and bookmark clips; create and share playlists; personalize folders; and manage a collection.

NBC Learn features 12,000 stories from the NBC News archives dating back to the 1920s, and is updated with current events each weekday.  NBCLearn has an advanced media player (a Cue Card™) which supports videos, photographs, newspaper articles, primary source documents and other media.  It is flippable--providing bibliographic information, clickable keywords and a citation generator on the back; a full transcript along the side; and additional tabs along the bottom that let users annotate each resource with their own research notes and save it to personal play lists.  The Cue Card has a closed captioning option and can easily be shared via internet or email.

Nursing Digital Library includes 150+ videos on topics in Nursing Education. is an on-demand website featuring HD-quality contemporary performance films for streaming, downloading or mobile viewing.

Questions?  Please contact us.  We are, as always, happy to assist you.

~Christina Cool

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