Monday, May 12, 2014

The Tradition Continues: A Banner Semester for Library Coffee Breaks

Staff members of the Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus hold up a banner filled with expressions of gratitude from students to the TWU Libraries and the Division of Student Life for refreshments they enjoyed during Spring 2014 coffee breaks.  The libraries and Student Life partner each spring and fall semester to sponsor the finals week breaks, offered at the Denton campus and Dallas Center libraries, during which students are offered complementary beverages and snacks to fuel their finals week studies.  Photograph by Kristin Wolski.  May 12, 2014.
They've become a tradition on the Denton and Dallas campuses, eagerly anticipated by students each fall and spring semester. During finals week coffee breaks--sponsored by TWU Libraries and the Division of Student Life--hundreds of cups of coffee and tea are poured; dozens of cases of water are emptied; and hundreds of energy bars, apples and packages of goldfish crackers are distributed--all in an effort to make life a little easier for TWU students during an important and stressful time of the semester. 

Spring 2014 was a banner semester for the coffee break tradition at TWU.  Between May 2nd and 7th, 2014, library staff members served students in Denton and Dallas over 2,100 times--affording them a chance to refuel and recharge for their end-of-semester preparations.  Students were extremely appreciative, with many signing a thank you banner in the Denton library, and more thanking library staff members in Dallas.

Coffee breaks at TWU Libraries are very much a group effort; everyone who took part in their planning and execution deserves credit for their success.  From planning, supplies acquisition and graphic design; to housekeeping, refreshment preparation and security--every aspect is necessary and important.  Most of all, though, we'd like to thank each of the many TWU students who attend the coffee breaks every fall and spring semester.  TWU Libraries take great pride in knowing we play a small but appreciated role in your  final exams week, and look forward to doing so for many semesters to come.

From everyone with TWU Libraries, we hope your finals went well.  Here's wishing you an enjoyable and rewarding summer.

~Sandy Cochran

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