Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Information Where It's Needed: Supporting Those Fighting the Ebola Virus--and You

The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), part of the Federal Library & Information Network (FEDLINK) which serves the information needs of the American public, has activated the NLM Emergency Access Initiative (EAI) in support of public health professionals worldwide who are working to battle West Africa’s Ebola health emergency.  Providing temporary free access to full-text articles from major biomedicine titles to healthcare professionals, librarians, and the affected public, the EAI activation puts a spotlight on the crucial roles medical librarians and information play in healthcare around the globe.

According to the NLM, free access to online resources--including 650 biomedical journals and over 4,000 reference sources--will be provided to supplement and/or temporarily replace information sources needed for research and care by medical staff and their support teams serving affected areas.  Previous disasters also triggered EAI activations, including the massive flooding in Pakistan which began in 2010; the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan in 2011; and the earthquake and ongoing cholera epidemic in Haiti. 

Just as the NLM is helping others, the information professionals who staff the TWU Libraries are available to help you access information pertaining to your research topics, coursework and other topics of interest.  Subject Librarians who specialize in a variety of subject areas are available to guide you in locating cutting-edge research and other up-to-date information.  Conveniently located on the TWU campuses in Denton and Dallas, and in the Houston ARC, these information professionals stand at the ready year-round to help the TWU community locate, evaluate, organize and use online, print and other information.

Information you can understand and use to help you excel.  Whether online or in person, we can help you locate it.  Ask us to show you how!

~Marilyn Goff

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