Friday, August 15, 2014

Learn More About POAR: The Pioneer Open Access Repository

The Pioneer Open Access Repository (POAR) is 
virtual storehouse of items contributed by the 
TWU community, all members of which are in-
vited to learn more about POAR by visiting the 
TWU Libraries' POAR Subject Guide.
During the recent 2014 Annual Student Creative Arts & Research Symposium, poster session presenters were given the opportunity to facilitate the continued sharing of their work by submitting it for inclusion in the Pioneer Open Access Repository (POAR).

Hosted by TWU Libraries with the goal of showcasing TWU's research and creative achievements, the Pioneer Open Access Repository is a virtual storehouse of items contributed by the TWU community.  POAR serves as a virtual collection point for articles, papers, presentations, research data, posters, artwork and other scholarly and creative works, making each of them readily accessible on a long-term basis to a worldwide audience.  Items are indexed and searchable in Google via key words provided with the submission, and stored by the University for archival purposes using a static url--assuring long-term access to, and preservation of, scholarly work produced by the TWU community.

Symposium posters submitted to POAR by TWU students in the Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry; History & Government; School of the Arts/Dance; Kinesiology; and Nutrition & Food Sciences include Effects of Different Exercise Environments on Perceived Exercise Affect for an Adult with Cerebral Palsy (submitted by Cheng-Chen Pan and Ron Davis); Alternative Periodic Tables (submitted by Emily Peng); and The Importance of M140 and M141 Protein Complex in Mouse Cytomegalovirus (submitted by Carla Madrid, Lisa Bolin and Laura Hanson).

There is no expiration date for submitting posters and other items to POAR.  TWU Pioneer Portal login information is required for access.

To learn more about POAR and Open Access--including who can submit items to POAR; the benefits of POAR use; and Poster Presentation Submission Instructions--the TWU Libraries invite you to visit the libraries' POAR Subject Guide.

As always, we welcome and encourage your comments and questions.  Please submit them to Julie Watson-Reed at or 940-898-3720.

~David Schuster and Julie Watson-Reed

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