Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Library Borrowing Privileges Expanded

To better serve the TWU community, the TWU Libraries have expanded the borrowing privileges extended to our patrons.

All patrons affiliated with TWU can now check out the same maximum number of items (100!) for the same checkout period (the entire term!)  Patrons not affiliated with TWU (Courtesy Card patrons) are now permitted to check out up to 25 items for a period of three weeks (with the exception of faculty and staff members from other universities, who can now enjoy borrowing privileges similar to those of TWU faculty and staff members.) Current borrowing privileges for TWU Libraries patrons are summarized below.  

These new borrowing privileges apply only to regularly circulating library items.  What are those?  Regularly circulating library items are books, specifically those in the General/Main or Woman’s Collections (for items checked out from our Browsing Collection, for example, a three-week checkout period still applies.)  The number of remote renewals permitted also remains the same: two for patrons affiliated with TWU, and one for patrons who are not.  Remember remote renewals?  Since borrowing time has increased, renewals (remote or otherwise), go a longer way for our patrons than before.

Do the changes in our borrowing privileges mean that late fees no longer exist?  The answer is no--the late fee policy remains the same.  Late fees accrue at the same rate as always ($0.35 per day for regularly circulating items).  Using the remote renewals available to you will help you to avoid late fees.  In addition, a weekly email reminder is sent to borrowers listing borrowed items with their respective due dates.

If any of this seems confusing, all of this information is located here.  For personal assistance, the Circulation Department encourages you to contact us with your questions in person or by phone (940-898-3719.)

The information professionals with the TWU Libraries are, as always, eager to assist you.

~Jason Mims

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