Thursday, September 4, 2014

Art Works: Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue  Featured on the second floor 
of the Blagg-Huey Library, just outside the 
oil work is by Gary Brent Washmon, Texas 
Woman's University Professor of Art.  Photo-
graph by Kristin Wolski.
It happens to all of us.  We get so busy that we just don't notice, much less appreciate, what's right in front of us.  At the Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus of TWU, inattention to our surroundings is understandable.

On any given day, the library is a beehive of activity--research, study, learning, group work, meeting, scanning, teaching, presentation preparation, socializing, problem solving, reading, writing, quiet reflection, printing and more happens here.  What may go unnoticed, meanwhile, adorns many of the walls that surround us on the library's four levels--its extensive collection of art.  Although together these pieces form a handsome backdrop for academic flurry, it's good to pause occasionally and really appreciate them--because if we let it, art can work for us in other ways as well. 

Art works to awaken the senses.  It fuels the imagination, encourages creativity, and clears the mind.  It relaxes us.  It can make us laugh.  It provides a respite, however brief, from our tasks.  Art works to inspire our inner artists, helping us to improve our own works of art--whatever form those may take.  It raises our quality of life.  Art just makes us feel good.

Throughout the coming year, other pieces in the library's art collection will be highlighted here and on the library's other social media channels.  Can't wait?  Visit us whenever the library doors are open.

Between classes, between projects, between chapters--whenever the impulse strikes--look up and really see some of the creative works around you at the Blagg-Huey Library.

Because art works.

~Sandy Cochran

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