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Get Up To Speed: Denton Campus Library FAQs

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Are you new to the Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus?  Could you use a refresher on library basics?  The following are some of the questions we hear most often at the first-floor Information Desk.  

Is my textbook available at the library?

While the TWU Libraries do not purchase textbooks, some instructors place the textbooks for their classes on reserve at the Circulation Desk (on the first floor across from the Information Desk.)  Find instructions for locating reserve materials here.  Still need help?  Ask at the Circulation Desk or call 970-898-3719.  Instructors can find directions for placing items on reserve here.

Where can I check out books?

Books and other library materials (including materials from the Children's Collection on the library's Garden Level) can be checked out at the Circulation Desk.  A valid TWU ID must be presented.

How much does it cost to print?

The cost of printing is included in student fees.  There is no charge at the library for printing.

How do I print?

Log in to a computer using your Pioneer Portal username and password, and print your document(s).  Print jobs will appear on the GoPrint kiosk near the printers, under your username.  Release the print job(s) to a printer by locating and selecting your username and following the prompts.  A message will indicate the printer to which your job(s) has been released.

I printed my document, but my username does not appear on the GoPrint kiosk.  Now what?

First, troubleshoot:  1)  You may print up to 20 pages at one time.  Print jobs longer than 20 pages must be broken down into 20-page (or smaller) increments.  2)  Multiple print jobs, but not multiple copies, can be processed by library printers. 3)  Did you log into the computer/does it display your username?  If not, please log off and log back in with your Pioneer Portal username and password.  Print jobs should now reflect your username.  Still having problems?  Ask a library staff member at the Information Desk to assist you.

Does the library offer color printing?
No.  For our patrons' convenience, information on local businesses that offer color printing services is available at the Information Desk.

Are there vending machines in the library?

Yes.  There are snack and soft drink machines in room 108, the photocopy/snack room (on the first floor in the back lefthand corner.)  All machines accept cash; one soft drink machine accepts cards.

Does the library have scanners?
Scanners are available, free of charge with Pioneer Portal login information, on the library's first (one scanner); second (two scanners, including the library's largest); and third (one scanner) floors.  The computers paired with each scanner are for scanning purposes only.  Because printing is not possible from these computers, scanned documents/pages should either be saved to a flashdrive or emailed, and printed if necessary from another machine.  Operating instructions are located next to each scanner.  Questions?  Direct them to a library staff member at the Information Desk or by phone to 940-898-3702. 

Where can I make copies?

There are copy machines on the first (room 108, the photocopy/snack room); second (center of the floor, next to the Administration Office); and third (center of the floor, across from the elevators) floors of the library.  Copies cost ten cents each if you are using cash (this option is available on the first floor only); and nine cents each if you use money loaded onto your TWU Student ID card or a blank copy card.  You can load money onto either type of card by using the copy card machine located near the Information Desk.  Remember, scanning at the library is free--so consider scanning and printing (instead of copying) if possible.

Is there a fax machine at the library?
No.  The university offers a fax service in the Center for Student Development (on the first floor of the Student Union.)  The cost per page is 54 cents (a minimum $5 charge applies if paying with a card.)

How do I search for articles/books?

TWUniversal Search--a mega search which includes results from the library catalog plus articles, videos and other database content--can be accessed via the TWU Libraries homepage (at the top center of the page in the large maroon box.) Search results can then be refined by campus, resource type, author and more.  Article searches can be conducted in any of the over 200 databases the library maintains.  Need assistance?  Ask at the Information Desk.

Where is the Pioneer Center for Student Excellence?

The PCSE is located on the north end of the library's second floor (turn left from the elevator, or right from the central staircase.)  

Questions?  Please ask.  Staff members of the TWU Libraries are here, as always, to help you get up to speed.

Have a great semester, everyone.

~Kendra Blacher and Sandy Cochran

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