Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Central European Journals Move to Open Access

In a move unprecedented for a group of STM journals, De Gruyter Open, one of the world's leading publishers of open access scientific content, is converting eight subscription journals--all currently available through the TWU Libraries--to open access megajournals.  Citing as a factor "the increasing demand to publish research in Open Access," De Gruyter Open is making the move starting with the 2015 volumes.  In addition, to better "serve the interests of authors, readers and editors, and to reflect the all-encompassing scopes of the converted journals," the affected Central European Journals have been renamed.

"The key motivation for this change was to build strong megajournals in all STM fields," according to Dr. Sven Fund, CEO of De Gruyter.  ". . . we build them on the basis of a group of journals that have been published for over a decade.  They have rigorous peer review, high rejection rates and have earned good impact factors. 

The overwhelming support from the editorial boards; the increasing demand to publish research in Open Access; and above all the mandates of the funding institutions, make a strong case in favor of Open Access."

~Sandy Cochran

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