Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mims' The Word: More Than Books

A Hardworking Crew  Pitching in on TWU Move In Day 2014 were TWU Libraries Access Services staff 
members (L-R) Johnathan Wilson, Access Services Librarian; Lisa Galletta, Reserves Supervisor; and Jason 
Mims, Stacks Supervisor.  Johnathan, Lisa and Jason are part of the group of hardworking women and men 
who make up the staff of the TWU Libraries.  Photograph by Caitlin Rodgers. 
The TWU Libraries are full of books and technology and all sorts of services designed to help you--the students, staff and faculty of TWU--succeed in your academic endeavors. But there is something else these libraries offer: people. There are hardworking women and men that provide those services; that maintain those books and technology; that are here to help you.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce just a few of those people, specifically those I work with in the Circulation Department.

Were you aware that the Circulation Department is actually part of a larger entity known as Access Services? Circulation and Interlibrary Loan fall under the umbrella of Access Services. Holding that umbrella is Johnathan Wilson, the aptly titled Access Services Librarian. 

Under Johnathan's supervision are LaMargo Branch, Interlibrary Loan Specialist (perhaps you read this post about LaMargo), and Caitlin Rodgers, Coordinator of Circulation Services.  You may have noticed Caitlin’s fiery red hair (there’s a pattern of strange hair colors in this department).  Working our way down the ladder, we have Lisa Galletta, Reserves Supervisor (who is currently rocking green hair and is responsible for all those textbooks behind the Circulation Desk.)  On Lisa’s right is Chance Maggard, the new Fines and Fees Supervisor.  Still holding onto his natural hair color, Chance is responsible for the financials (and also happens to be quite adept at interlibrary loan procedures.)  To Lisa’s left is me, Jason Mims, blue-haired Stacks Supervisor and writer extraordinaire.

Knowing our names doesn’t really tell you who we are, though.  We are the Access Services Department, but we are also members of the TWU community.  We may work in the library, but our campus involvement takes us beyond library walls. Maybe you saw Lisa at one of the information tables during the first week of class.  There’s a chance you've run into Johnathan or me at the gym on the Denton campus.  And who could forget Move In Day, when most of the department was out at one time or another helping some of you get moved into your dorms?

There is more to the TWU Libraries than Access Services, though--much more.  There are the wonderful librarians in the Reference Department who are fantastic at providing our patrons with the finest research instruction and guidance.  There are Systems staff members who keep the libraries' technology running smoothly.  There is Technical Services, a group of people who maintain the libraries' catalogs and physical holdings.  There is library Administration and the staffs of the Children's and Woman's Collections.  And don’t even get me started on the superb staffs of both the TWU Dallas and Houston locations.  For the names and faces that go with each of our departments, here is the TWU Libraries staff directory.

A library is first and foremost a repository of knowledge, a physical location where scholarship resides.  But it is also the product of the hardworking people who staff it.  On behalf of Circulation, Access Services and the TWU Libraries, I would just like to say "hi".  We are happy to serve you, the TWU community, and to be a part of you. 

That’s it for this one.

~Jason Mims

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