Monday, October 6, 2014

Open Access Matters: Shockey Forum Presentation on Video

Library Forum presenter 
Nick Shockey. Photograph 
courtesy of SPARC.
Open Access.  These are buzz words on today's university campuses.  What do they mean?  More importantly, what do they mean for Texas Woman's University?

On September 22, 2014 TWU was privileged to welcome Mr. Nick Shockey to the TWU Denton campus as part of Know Your Rights: Copyright, Authors' Rights, Intellectual Property and the Emerging Intersection with Institutional Repositories.  Hosted by the TWU Libraries, the forum focused on copyright, authors' rights, open access and other issues vital to those involved in the world of academic authorship and publishing.

Attendees heard Shockey, Director of SPARC and founding Director of the Right to Research Coalition, speak about open access and what it means for TWU.  
For the convenience of the TWU community we are pleased to feature that presentation here, in its entirety.  Immediately following is a list of resources on the forum, open access and TWU's own Pioneer Open Access Repository.

*  PowerPoint: Raising the Impact of Research, Scholarship & Education Through Openness.  Nick Shockey, Forum Speaker.  Pioneer Portal login required.
*  PowerPoint: Faculty Open Access Policies.  Diane Graves, Forum Speaker.  Pioneer Portal login required.
*  POAR: Tour the Pioneer Open Access Repository at TWU
*  Learn more about POAR with the POAR Subject Guide 
*  October 20-26, 2014 is Open Access Week.  Follow this blog and the TWU Libraries' Facebook and Twitter for more information, coming soon.

~Sandy Cochran

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