Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thank You, Ryan Hay

Ryan Hay with his beloved mother, Marilyn.  
It happened one year ago today, on a day like any other.  In an accident on a local street, the TWU Libraries family lost one of its own.

He was just 25, and a part of the libraries' systems team for two years--but what made Ryan Hay special had nothing to do with his job.  Intelligent, kind, funny and well-liked, Ryan had a giving nature and generous spirit that colored his interactions with others.  

Those who attended the packed memorial held in his honor had different memories of Ryan and varied stories to tell, but a common thread stood out--Ryan was a giver.  He volunteered to help, he went out of his way, he went above and beyond.  Ryan was there for family, he was there for friends, he was there for colleagues.  What made Ryan special was that he was, indeed, always there. Always 
ready to lend a hand, or a joke or a smile or a sympathetic ear, Ryan gave the greatest gift anyone could--in this season of giving or any other.  Ryan gave himself.    

We miss you, Ryan, and wish you were with us still.  Thank you for everything you did for all of us, and the ways you enriched our lives.  Thank you for being a good friend, a wonderful colleague, and a great example of how to treat others.  

Thank you, Ryan Hay, for being you.

~Sandy Cochran

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Anonymous said...

He definitely was a GREAT gift to us all. Thank you for sharing Sandy.

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