Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mims' The Word: What's On Reserve?

Jason Mims, Stacks Manager with the TWU Libraries and member of the libraries' social media team.  For
the benefit of TWU students, faculty and staff, Jason will continue to share what he knows about the ins and 

outs of life behind the Circulation Desk.  July 22, 2014.  Photograph by Kristin Wolski.   
Editor's Note:  Mims' The Word is a continuing series by Jason Mims, Stacks Manager with the Texas Woman's University Libraries.  A member of the TWU Libraries Circulation Department for three years, Jason knows his stuff—about the department, what it does, and how it all pertains to the students, faculty and staff of TWU.  A TWU graduate, Jason is an unabashed bibliophile who loves his job, loves to write and is excited to be contributing to the TWU Libraries blog.  When not at the Circulation Desk at the Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus, he can usually be found somewhere in the stacks.

Another semester has begun.  Welcome back to all of you returning, and just plain welcome to all who have just started at TWU.

A new semester means a lot of things: new classes, new friends, new opportunities.  It also means new textbooks. Should you run out and buy all those expensive tomes?

TWU students have several options for getting the textbooks they need.  First and foremost is the bookstore, where you can purchase or rent textbooks (learn what you need to know here.)  A second option is using an off-campus book retailer (KD Bookstore and Voertman’s, two examples, are located just off the Denton campus.)  Don’t want to purchase your textbooks? This is where the TWU Libraries' Course Reserves may help.

Reserve items are books and other items for which instructors have requested abbreviated, temporary loan periods to help ensure that all students have an opportunity to access them.  These items might belong to a faculty member, a department, or the library itself and are kept at the Circulation Desks in Denton, Dallas and Houston.  All you have to do is stop by with your current TWU ID and ask for one!

Yes, there are limitations to using reserve items.  Most of them must be used in the library.  You can only check them out for a limited period of time (the average checkout time is four hours.)  Reserve items cannot be renewed, but can be checked out again--we simply ask that you wait an entire checkout period before rechecking an item out (for an item with a four-hour checkout period, for example, you would need to wait four hours after returning the item before checking it out again.)

The biggest issue to remember about the Reserve collection is that not every book at the bookstore is on Reserve!  We have a lot but we don’t carry everything.  Although there are a number of high-demand textbooks kept behind the Circulation Desk, not all textbooks are available.  If you think your textbook should be on Reserve but isn't, talk to your professor. Maybe they’ll send us a copy.

More information about Course Reserves can be found here.  As always, just ask if you have questions.  We are, as always, more than happy to help.

Alright T Dub, that’s it for this one.  

Here’s to a great new semester!

~Jason Mims

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