Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day Fun

Today is the second day in a row that TWU has been closed for Winter Storm 2015 (sounds better in capital letters, right?). While everybody loves a snow day, by day two you're sitting at home in your sweats, wondering if pizza delivery guys take snow days (please, NO!) and . . . now what?  Well, the TWU Libraries can help.  We're not in the pizza business (sorry), but we do deliver (insert groan here).  Whether you're looking for amusement or ways to stay productive despite the ice, we have a few suggestions you can use . . . all from the comfort of your own igloo abode.

To get started, navigate to the TWU Libraries homepage (go ahead . . . I'll wait.) 


In the upper righthand corner of the homepage find links to the libraries' Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Pinterest and Flickr pages.  It's not easy keeping up with everything the libraries are up to, but connecting with us on social media is a great way to start.  


. . . and not the pizza kind.  Stretch your creative muscles by entering The Pioneer Woman Goes Red, a fashion design contest open to all TWU students and faculty and staff members.  Everything you need to know, including how much you could win, is here.  Don't have an entry form?  No problem. Plan your design now, then pick up a form when Winter Storm 2015 releases its grip on the Denton campus.  The deadline for entries is 5 p.m. on Thursday, 2/26/15 . . . so no dawdling.


Use the TWUniversal Search box at the top of the homepage; choose Advanced Search.  In one or more of the search boxes enter any terms you like; the first dropdown box lets you limit your results by title, author, subject and more.  Then here's the key:  See the dropdown box labeled Resource Type?  Choose Electronic Books, then click Search.  Tip: Entering the term Encyclopedias gives you a list of all the electronic encyclopedias we offer.  Learn about 9/11, antiques, philosophy and more, right there in your pjs.


No matter your research topic or field of interest, there is likely some video to augment your work.  Again from the homepage, find the TWUniversal Search box at the top of the page; use the process above for ebooks, with one difference.  In the dropdown box labeled Resource Type, choose Media/Streaming.  

Our databases are also a good place to look for video content (some are strictly devoted to videos, while some contain videos as well as other types of content.)  Navigate to them from the homepage, under Research.  Click on Databases A-Z List to find any of the following (descriptions and help guides are available using the links at the top of the page.)

Academic Video Online (aka VAST: Academic Video Online)
American History in Video
Area Studies Video Online
Art and Architecture in Video Online
Business and Economics Video Online
Counseling and Therapy in Video
Criminal Justice and Law in Video
Dance in Video
Education in Video
Ethnic Studies Video Online
Ethnographic Video Online
Films On Demand
Health and Society in Video
Humanities Video Online 
Issues & Controversies
Kanopy Videostreaming
Nursing Digital Library
Nursing Education in Video
Opera in Video
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
Philosophy and Religious Studies in Video
Politics and Current Affairs Video Online
Psychology Video Online
Science Video Online
Theatre in Video 
VAST: Academic Video Online
World History in Video


Our Subject Guides are convenient collections of resources and information (databases, ebooks, websites and more) on specific topics.  Navigate to a list of Subject Guide topics available from the homepage, under Research.  Click on Subject Guides.  Tip: Even if you don't have a research project at the moment, take a few minutes to explore the Subject Guide for your major or a field of interest.  You may be surprised what you find.  


We can all be better writers.  On the homepage, under Research, click on Writing & Citing/RefWorks.  Writing resources abound--including ways to get help when you need it.

While not a library resource, Lynda.com is a valuable learning tool available to all current TWU students and faculty and staff members.  Offering beginner to advanced courses in a wide variety of subject areas, Lynda.com offers free training 24/7. Create an account and get started here

Stay warm.  Stay safe.  Have fun--and save me a slice.

~Sandy Cochran 

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