Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tech Tuesday: Google Mail & More

To Gmail and Beyond  Through Lynda.com and the TWU Office of Technology, TWU students and faculty
and staff members have access to a wide range of information about, and free training options for, 

and a host of other Google products.  Image courtesy of Daily Genious
The Google has landed.  All TWU students (and many faculty and staff members) now use Gmail--and many use Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sheets and more. Whether you're a beginner with these products, an experienced user--or somewhere in between--free training is available to help you get the goods on Google.  Where to begin?  With the essentials.

If you have a current Pioneer Portal username and password, then TWU has partnered with Lynda.com to bring you free 24/7 online training.  Get started on the TWU Lynda.com page.  A huge selection of training videos awaits you, including the following essentials recommended for all Google users--beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Learn at your pace and at your convenience with Lynda.com.  

Gmail Essential Training teaches you the basics of composing, sending and replying to Gmail messages.  Also learn to organize and search messages and use Gmail shortcuts with this essential training module.

With Google Drive Essential Training you'll learn the essentials of creating, formatting and sharing Google Drive documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms. 

Google Sheets Essential Training is a great introduction to Google Sheets--a feature-rich, cloud-based spreadsheet application that allows you to format and analyze all kinds of data. 

Google Calendar Essential Training teaches you to manage your personal and professional schedules using Google Calendar. Start scheduling events, tracking your to-dos, accessing your schedule on the go--and more--with this essential Google learning tool. 

Search for Google on Lynda.com for a complete list of Google training options.

For Google Best Practices, Google FAQ, directions for setting up Gmail on a mobile device--and more--visit the Office of Technology Google page here.

~Sandy Cochran with David Schuster

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