Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Getting Started: A Month Of Women's History

March is Women's History Month, a fitting time for celebration at the libraries of Texas Woman's University, the largest state-supported university in the United States primarily for women.  In research parlance, however, women's history is far too broad a topic for the project at hand.

Throughout the month, therefore, we'll narrow our focus by shining a spotlight on the achievements of individual women and other specifics of women's history.  From science, politics, literature and the military to sports, aviation, the arts and more, no facet of human history has been untouched by the influence and contributions of women.  You'll be reading some of those stories here--and taking a look at photographs, movies, quotes and stamps celebrating those achievements.  You'll learn about resources available through the TWU Libraries--databases, books, ebooks, digital archives and exhibits--and about the TWU Libraries' Woman's Collectionthe largest depository in the Southern United States of research material about women, and the official archive for the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP).  Trivia, art, books and more . . . all coming your way, right here, during Women's History Month.      

In the meantime, learn about the origins of Women's History Month; view a 3D version of Amelia Earhart's flight suit; watch a documentary on renowned photographer Dorothea Lange; and read first-hand accounts of experiences in the four major wars after WWII (Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf War and the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq) by the women who lived them.  All this and more on the Women's History Month site hosted by the Library of Congress

Relax, enjoy and stay tuned.  Like women in general, we're just getting started.

~Sandy Cochran

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