Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4 Cool Women In The World of Comics

Fiona Staples illustrates the highlpopular 
Saga series written by Brian K. Vaughan.
Contrary to popular belief, mainstream comics are slowly starting to illustrate just how kick-butt women really are!  Perhaps this is because women are emerging as the illustrators of some of America’s most popular comic book characters, while men in the comic book industry are becoming more and more inspired by women and creating works that appeal to everybody’s feminine side. 

In conjunction with Free Comic Book Day at the Blagg-Huey Library, here are four heroines in the world of comics.

Let’s start with the nonfictional ladies.  First off, there’s Fiona Staples, illustrator of the highly popular Saga series written by Brian K. Vaughan (who also wrote Y: The Last Man). Strongly inspired by Star Wars, Saga follows husband and wife Marko and Alana from world to world as they flee from the leaders of their home planets who seek to destroy the couple’s extraterrestrial/interracial baby, Hazel . . . who narrates the story.

Jill Thompson illustrated The Little 
Endless Storybook which features char-
acters from Gaiman's Sandman series.
Next we have Jill Thompson, illustrator of The Little Endless Storybook (published by Vertigo) featuring characters from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman  comic book series.  In The Little Endless Storybook, Thompson depicts Gaiman’s Endless characters as toddlers experiencing charming, surreal adventures.  A fun read for both children and adults.

Mark Millar's Hit-Girl--superhero
in appearance, assassin to the core,
destroyer of all things thug and cor-
rupt--is pretty impressive for an
eleven-year-old girl.
Fictional female heroes are no longer underground.  You’ve probably heard of Mark Millar’s famous Hit-Girl (the show-stealer in the movies Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2).  Published by Icon Comics, an imprint of Marvel ComicsHit-Girl is quite a hit.  She is a superhero in appearance, assassin to the core, and destroyer of all things thug and corrupt--pretty impressive for an eleven-year-old girl.

Batgirl has a brand-new look and
comic, in large part because of new
primary illustrator Babs Tarr.
Last but definitely not least, we have the famous Batgirl who has a brand-new look and comic!  Batgirl has undergone something of a makeover recently, with Babs Tarr as her new primary illustrator. Not only is BG’s new look much more reflective of a woman’s natural body, but BG doesn’t take any crap!  Released just last year by DC Comics, the series' fans have already proclaimed it the best version of Batgirl ever made.

Maybe these four examples of feminine comic book awesomeness aren’t your style.  Don’t worry, there are lots of women doing their thing in the comic universe.  Do ya need more?  Here are more real women helping to shape the world of comics for a new generation:  Sophie CrumbFaith Erin HicksMelinda GebbieKelly Sue DeConnickJennifer CamperAmy Reeder, Ramona FradonMary FleenerMarjane SatrapiKate BeatonFumi Yoshinaga and Lucy Knisley.

Now it’s time to get yourself soaked in comic book excitement!  

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