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Dallas Center's Kimberly Richardson Wins 2015 TWU Award for Outstanding Contribution to the TWU Libraries

Recognition For A Job Well Done  Kimberly Richardson, Library Assistant III at the TWU T. Boone 
Pickens Institute of Health Sciences-Dallas Center Library and recipient of the 2015 Texas Woman's Univer-
sity Award for Outstanding Contribution to the TWU Libraries, was presented the award by Dr. Robert 
Neely, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at TWU.  Kimberly, honored for her exemplary service 
to the students and faculty and staff members of TWU, has been a part of the TWU Libraries family since 
1998.  April 20, 2015.  
The Texas Woman's University Libraries are very pleased and proud to announce that Kimberly Richardson, Library Assistant III at the TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences-Dallas Center Library, has won the 2015 Texas Woman's University Award for Outstanding Contribution to the TWU Libraries.  

Praised for her "patience, persistence and practical solutions," Kimberly began her tenure at TWU over 17 years ago after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health (now Health Studies). In that time she has become known for her commitment to excellence; her "genuine passion for sharing library resources"; her dedication to serving the needs of the Dallas Center community; and the collegial relationships she has built with the students, faculty members, library colleagues and community library patrons she serves.  She is tasked with providing reference and circulation assistance; supporting the research of faculty members; managing the library reserve collection; processing interlibrary loans; and providing library orientations for new students--but as many have attested, Kimberly's efforts go above and beyond her job description.

During the award's nomination process, praise for Kimberly and her work poured in from every corner of the Dallas campus. Extraordinarily busy faculty and staff members took the time to pen heartfelt letters acknowledging Kimberly’s contributions, too numerous to list, to the Dallas Center community on behalf of the TWU Libraries.  She "creates a welcoming library environment that fosters learning and enhances scholarly inquiry and curiosity," read one nomination letter.  "Her patient and compassionate nature, along with her astute ability to balance the needs to serve and to learnhelps students obtain resources and develop the research skills they will need for lifelong learning."  Kimberly "ensures that library resources are current and representative of best practices" read another.  She is "diligent at maintaining an extensive occupational therapy reference collection."  Kimberly's prompt responses to requests for information; her skill and persistence in locating best evidence and historical documents; and her uncommon initiative were mentioned again and again.  She has been credited by grateful faculty and staff members with helping to advance occupational therapy practice; engaging students from varied backgrounds; and contributing to the success of various events, including the renowned Fanny B. Vanderkooi Endowed Lectureship. Whether for faculty grant support, student projects, scholarly research, presentations or other projects, Kimberly has established a sterling reputation in the Dallas Center community as a vital member of the library staff with a great willingness to share her time and expertise to help others.  Eula Oliphant, Kimberly's supervisor, said it best.  "Kimberly is a very dedicated employee who strives to build relationships throughout the Dallas campus.  She has an excellent working relationship with faculty, students and staff and goes above and beyond her duties to assist them with library resources and reference questions.  Kimberly has certainly earned the respect of her superiors and her colleagues."  Relationship-building is a central tenet of Kimberly's work philosophy; she cites "the close working relationship between faculty, staff and students" as her favorite part of her work.  "We operate as a family here."
Congratulations, Kimberly!  Colleagues and friends of Kimberly Richardson gathered on Monday, April 
19, 2015 to celebrate as she was presented with the 2015 Texas Woman's University Award for Outstanding 
Contribution to the TWU Libraries.  Joining in the festivities were (L-R) Associate Professor of History Dr. Kate
Landdeck, Chair, 2015 Library Advisory Committee; Professor of Dance Dr. Linda Caldwell, Library Advisory
Committee; Sherilyn Bird, Dean of TWU Libraries; Kimberly Richardson; and 
Dr. Eileen McElrath, Library
Advisory Committee and 
Assistant Professor with the School of Library & Information Studies.  
April 20, 2015.  
Kimberly's reaction was typically gracious when she learned she had won this year's award.  "I was surprised and grateful that several individuals took the time to write supportive letters," she said.  "I would especially like to thank Regina Campbell, Associate Professor in the School of Occupational Therapy, for initiating the nomination; the Occupational and Physical Therapy faculty members who contributed to the nomination; and all the staff members, past and present, who I have worked with throughout the years.  I thank Eula Oliphant, manager of the Dallas and Houston Center libraries for her continued support.  I would also like to acknowledge past and present Health Science Librarians Shelly Burns, Elaine Cox and Amanda Mims.  It’s been a pleasure to work with them all.  Lastly, I thank Dr. Neely, the Office of the Provost staff, the Library Advisory Committee, Sherilyn Bird,  and Roy Lynn Tardif and Mickey Russell, who arranged the award ceremony." 

The staff of the TWU Libraries and guests gathered on Monday, April 19, 2015 to pay tribute to our colleague and friend Kimberly Richardson at an award ceremony and reception in the Joyce Thompson Lecture Hall of the Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus.  Attendees, including colleagues from the Denton and Dallas campuses (and attendees via video conference in Dallas and Houston), filled the room as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Robert Neely presented Kimberly with a certificate commemorating her achievement.  A reception followed, where Kimberly's many colleagues and friends celebrated with her and offered their congratulations.  A reception to be held in Kimberly's honor at the TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences-Dallas Center is in the planning stage.

During the award ceremony, Dean of TWU Libraries Sherilyn Bird quoted an excerpt from one of Kimberly's many letters of nomination.  "Rain or shine, first to arrive and last to leave, on the clock or off, Kimberly Richardson has given freely of her knowledge, skills and time in service to others.  Her work ethic, exemplary servant leadership, collegiality and commitment to excellence make her a worthy recipient of the 2015 TWU Award for Outstanding Contribution to the TWU Libraries."

We couldn't agree more.  

From the entire TWU Libraries family, Kimberly, our warmest congratulations for this well-deserved honor. 

~Sandy Cochran with contributions from many fans of Kimberly Richardson

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