Monday, May 4, 2015

Mims' The Word: May The Fourth Be With You

The Force Is Strong In Dallas  Dallas Center Library staff members (L-R) Lorena Nanez-Bonilla, Mandie
Mims and Ellen Hamlett getting in the spirit of Star Wars Day, above and below. 
Today is a very special day.  For some of you, it is nothing more than the first day of finals, and that’s really nothing to be excited about (except that it means the semester is almost over.)  Did you know that today is also Star Wars Day?  Only seven more months 'til the next movie!

The TWU Libraries would like to remind you to do or do not, there is no try during finals week.  If you need a reprieve from all the testing pressure, come check out some of our many Star Wars books, all of which are housed in the Children’s Collection in Denton.

That’s it for this semester, T Dub.  And may the force be with you!

~Jason Mims

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