Thursday, July 2, 2015

Stay Cool

Mental note--refill the ice bin before the humans get home.  Photo courtesy of
This stuff is AWESOME!  Cooling Off by Randy Sprout.  Photo courtesy of
Heat wave? What heat wave?  A man cools off in the Berounka River in the village of Dobrichovice near 
Prague as temperatures hover over 34 degrees Celsius.  July 12, 2010.  Photo courtesy of
Yeah, baby!  Photo courtesy of
Cooling off the retro way.  Life Magazine, 1953.  Photo courtesy of
Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  Fireman Tony Reiter takes a break from the heat in Phoenix, Arizona.
Photo courtesy of
Can't a bear get some privacy around here?  Photo courtesy of Calgary Nature on
I wish summer would last FOREVER!  Photo courtesy of Cooling off . . . Detroit RiverWalk by NoneOther
...{Captured In Lights}...
I am a multitasking king.  Staying cool in Russia's Tus Lake.  Photo courtesy of
I can only see to the right, but who cares?  The Basset Hound and the Breeze.  Photo courtesy of desktop-
Cooling off with a friend is the BEST.  Photo courtesy of 
Chillin' at the library.  Lots of cool stuff here--computers, printers and scanners; cushy chairs and floor 
space; tables and rooms where I can spread out my stuff and work--or not; plenty of books, popular magazines 
and other reading material; DVDs; vending machines--and air conditioning!  I see no reason to go anywhere 
else.  Photograph by Sandy Cochran.

However you do it . . . stay cool.

Republished from Check It Out: The TWU Libraries Blog, August 13, 2014.

~Sandy Cochran

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