Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Research That Clicks: Subject Guides & Subject Librarians

So much to do, so little time.  

Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly sift through all the information at your disposal, leaving you with resources tailored to the project at hand?  The TWU Libraries have you covered.  

Our Subject Guides, geared toward study, research, and writing in specific subject areas, are 37 handy packages of information (databases for accessing the articles you need, websites, videos, course information, writing tips, and more) gathered by subject area.  Simply go to the guide (or guides) that most closely relates to the topic at hand, and click--you're taken to a compilation of searchable, authoritative information geared to the subject area of your choice.  "Ideally, students should consult the Subject Guides instead of Google at the beginning of the research process to narrow their research topic," says Reference Librarian Elaine Cox, "and again when they are ready to locate full-text articles." 

Subject Guides can be useful to faculty members as well as students, says Cox.  "There are many ways faculty members can use the Subject Guides for their classes.  They can request course-specific guides, link to a specific guide within Blackboard, or work with their Subject Librarian to create a guide focused on a special topic."

Questions?  Contact the Subject Librarian pictured in the upper right corner of the guide you are using.  Research experts in specific fields, the TWU Libraries' experienced Subject Librarians are here to help you with your research questions, large or small.

Recently updated, the Subject Guides now feature a cleaner user interface and increased functionality for a more streamlined user experience.  All are easily accessible from the TWU Libraries homepage > Subject Guides.

~Sandy Cochran with Elaine Cox 

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