Monday, February 22, 2016


At TWU and on university campuses across the country the doctrine of Fair Use, an exemption in copyright law, allows faculty members, students, researchers, librarians, and others to use copyrighted materials under certain circumstances without permission from or payment to the copyright holder. Because of its significance, fair use is celebrated, promoted, and explained every year during @FairUseWeek (February 22-26, 2016 is #FairUseWeek2016).

What Fair Use Is--And Isn't
Fair use is not a right, but a defensible position against claims of copyright infringement when users of copyrighted material operate within its parameters. As such, fair use is not rigidly defined but rather is best understood by familiarity with its fluid, guiding principles. What are these principles? The materials presented here are a good introduction. 

Fair Use Fundamentals from the Association of Research Libraries

For an amusing, informative overview of fair use in the context of copyright law basics see the video A Fair(y) Use Tale, presented here for your convenience.

If you have questions about fair use or other scholarly communication issues--including copyright, author rights, and open access--please contact the TWU Libraries' Scholarly Communication Librarian Chealsye Bowley at or 940-898-3747.

~Sandy Cochran

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