Monday, February 1, 2016

Thank You, Sherilyn, And Farewell

Goodbyes happen, and they're never easy--at best they’re bittersweet. It is with sadness, coupled with happiness for her, that the TWU Libraries' staff bids a fond farewell to Dean Sherilyn Bird.

We all call her Sherilyn, and she came to TWU almost a decade ago. With her at the helm the past ten years have been exciting ones filled with innovation, change, service, plenty of hard work--and pride. For the many changes in Denton, Dallas, and Houston that she helped bring about—from the physical ones like the Dallas Center Library, the Pioneer Center For Student Excellence, and Starbucks to technical, operational, service, and resource achievements too numerous to mention here--Sherilyn was there, guiding us through. It is hard to imagine the libraries without her.

January 31, 2016 was Sherilyn's last day as our dean. We will have to get used to working without her physical presence. Her leadership and vision, however, will live on in her many accomplishments and in all of the people she inspired along the way. 

Would you like to pay tribute to Sherilyn? We welcome any stories that you'd like to share. You can respond to this post below or on any of the TWU Libraries' other social media. 

Sherilyn, you will be missed. The TWU Libraries are much better places because of your vision and guidance. We will continue the mission that you instilled in us, and promise to do our best to live up to the example you set for us. 

We wish you all the best. Thank you, and farewell.

~Jason Mims

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