Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mims’ the Word: Blagg-Huey Library A No-Flyer Zone

To reduce clutter and centralize notices from students, university departments, and the greater TWU comm-
unity, the Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus has instituted a "no-flyer" policy for most areas of the 
building. Flyers with a Student Life stamp may be posted on this corkboard above the first-floor printers 
near the Information Desk. Photograph by Jason Mims. March 10, 2016. 
Even with the digital domination that is the Internet, old-school flyers are an effective marketing tool--especially on college campuses. On the TWU Denton campus, student, university, and community flyers flutter on corkboards inside classrooms and outside the Student Union, under windshield wipers in the parking lots, and throughout the Blagg-Huey Library (BHL) and other high-traffic spaces. Flyers, posters, and notices were everywhere--until now.

Promotional materials accumulate quickly at the BHL. Because these mountains of paper take up valuable study space and clutter the building, flyers, etc. are no longer allowed on library tables, chairs, or study carrels (several times per week library personnel make a sweep of the building and dispose of any clutter they find). This policy is meant to keep the building tidy, but we want to be reasonable. The BHL is not putting the boot to all flyers.

Is there a campus event you want to advertise? A personal call you'd like to broadcast for a roommate? Anything in between? The library wants to help. We've installed a corkboard for your use on the library's first floor, above the printers near the Information Desk. Once your material is stamped with the Student Life seal of approval it may be displayed in this high-traffic spot, guaranteeing it the widest-possible library audience (flyers are stamped at the Center for Student Development near the bookstore on the Student Union's first floor).

Questions about the no-flyer policy or the corkboard? Please contact our Information Desk at 940-898-3701.

That’s it for now, T-Dub. I hope to see some really creative flyers plastered all over our corkboard soon.

~Jason Mims

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