Saturday, April 16, 2016

Love Your Local Librarians

As #NationalLibraryWeek 2016 (April 10-16) comes to a close, we join the Twitterverse in applauding #MargaretTheLibrarian (North Carolina librarian Margaret Miles, who recently showed her fellow Jeopardy contestants how it's done). 

Margaret played her way to $40,100 in winnings and a place in viewers' hearts, but it was her description of her profession that made librarians everywhere proud. "Librarians are who we are because we love both answers and questions," Margaret said. "It’s a pleasure to share what we know, and even more fun to get the chance to learn something new while finding an answer to someone’s question. I think it would be especially cool if seeing some buzz about a librarian on Twitter and Facebook reminds people to share some love with their local librarians.” HuffPost Entertainment

We couldn't have said it better, Margaret. This week or any other, love your local librarians and other library workers.

~Sandy Cochran

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