Thursday, April 21, 2016

TWU Libraries' Eula Oliphant & Bethany Uhl Win 2016 Dallas Redbud Awards

2016 Dallas Redbud Award winners Bethany Uhl (L) and Eula Oliphant (R) were presented with their
awards at a ceremony at the Dallas Center. Photograph by Kristin Wolski. April 18, 2016.   
The TWU Libraries are proud to announce that Medical Librarian Eula Oliphant and Student Assistant Bethany Uhl of the TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences-Dallas Center Library are recipients of 2016 Dallas Redbud Awards. The year's Staff Unsung Hero Award went to Oliphant and Uhl was recognized as an Outstanding Student Campus Leader at the awards presentation ceremony held at the Dallas Center on Monday, April 18, 2016.

Students appreciate Eula's steadfast work ethic and her exemplary dedication on their behalf. 127 Dallas campus students signed the petition nominating Eula for the Staff Unsung Hero Award. In it, Eula's efforts “over and above” her regular duties in the name of service to students were cited. "She comes in early to open the library for us, she will stop what she is doing to help us when we need her, and she is proactive in seeking ways to enrich students’ lives," the nomination read. "Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her 'can do' attitude is refreshing. The below signed attest that she deserves the Redbud Award not only for her service to the students and staff under her tutelage, but also for her commitment to Texas Woman's University.”

The Dallas Center Library is fortunate that Bethany is one of its three supportive Student Assistants. She was also lauded by nominators. “Bethany is the president of our DPT class of 2017," they said. "She is an outstanding representation of our class to the campus, our faculty, and other disciplines on campus. She leads by excellent example, always puts forth whatever effort is required, and is never too busy to help out a fellow student. Our class is consistently more organized, and functions at a higher and more cohesive level, because of Bethany's leadership and contributions.”

The Redbud Awards originated in the 1930s with a Denton movement to plant beautiful Redbud trees throughout the city. Although it has undergone changes since, the original Redbud Festival was developed by TWU in 1939. In the 1980s the festival program was re-imagined, and an awards ceremony initiated, to recognize individuals "for their qualities in leadership, character, and the pursuit to make a difference." Program, 2016 Dallas Redbud Awards  In 2010 the Dallas Center's Student Government Association developed a ceremony focusing recognition on Dallas Center students, faculty and staff members, and organizations; the first Dallas Redbud Awards ceremony was held in 2011.

In the words of the 2016 Dallas Redbud Awards program, we congratulate both Eula and Bethany for their “leadership, character, and pursuit to make a difference.”

~Kristin Wolski

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