Thursday, June 16, 2016

Listen Up, Guys: Do These 3 Things for a Healthy Life

Health is everything--and men's health is important to all of us, whether you're a man or have one in your life. 

June is Men's Health Month (and June 13-19 is National Men's Health Week)--making this an ideal time for you and the men you know (whether a father, partner, grandfather, brother, son, uncle, friend, or someone else) to make a new or renewed commitment to healthy living.

Presented here, courtesy of our friends at TWU Student Health Services, is a handy reminder of the three important steps to healthy living that every man (and woman) should be taking. Eat healthy. Get moving. Make prevention a priority. Small steps become habits, and habits lead to results. 

Wear blue on Friday, June 17, 2016 to support Men's Health Week, and find more men's health awareness links and info on Facebook (TWU Student Health Services), Twitter (@healthytwu), and Instagram (healthytwu). #MensHealthWeek #HealthIsNumberOne #ShowUsYourBlue 

~Sandy Cochran

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