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Muhammad Ali on Streaming Video

Painting of Muhammad Ali by John Stango. Image courtesy 
For TWU students and faculty and staff members interested in learning more about professional boxer and cultural icon Muhammad Ali, who passed away on June 3, 2016, streaming video on Ali's life and career is just a Portal username and password away. Kanopy Videostreaming--an online video collection of films, educational documentaries, interviews, and short video series--covers a range of subject areas and topics, including the former heavyweight boxing champion.

Muhammad Ali: The Man, The Moves, The Mouth (2012, 53 mins)
Narrated by Bert Sugar, the greatest boxing sportscaster of our time, this entertaining documentary captures Ali's "moves and mouth" and the legend they engendered. Includes highlights of Ali's greatest fights; rare footage of his colorful rhetoric; and a selection of Ali's "pearls of wisdom." Kanopy Videostreaming

The Trials of Muhammad Ali (2013, 93 mins)

Investigates its extraordinary-and-often-complex subject's life outside the boxing ring. From joining the controversial Nation of Islam and changing his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali; to his refusal to serve in the Vietnam War in the name of protesting racial inequality; to his global humanitarian work, Muhammad Ali remains an inspiring and controversial figure. Kanopy Videostreaming

Icons of Our Time: Muhammad Ali (2015, 23 mins)

Muhammad Ali was considered among the greatest heavyweights in boxing history; arguably, he was also the greatest sports personality of all time. We meet George Lois, the man behind the legendary Esquire cover, and Lawrence Lustig, who photographed many of Ali's fights. Kanopy Videostreaming

In Their Own Words: Muhammad Ali (2015, 55 mins)

Follow Muhammad Ali's rise from Columbia Gym in Louisville, Kentucky to international fame as he transcended his athletic achievements to become one of the most influential Americans of his time. Watch as key events in Ali's life unfold, including his stunning conversion to Islam and his name change; his dramatic stand against the Vietnam-era draft; his three-year exile from the ring; his legendary comeback fights; his courageous battle with Parkinson's disease; and his inspirational reemergence on the world stage at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Kanopy Videostreaming

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